Logan Patenaude is a Communications and Design student that attended PrattMWP College of Art and Design in Utica, NY and has made his transfer to the main campus in Brooklyn, NY. As an ambitious individual, he practices his craft on a day to day basis and looks for new and better ways to sharpen his diverse style of design. His first weapon of choice, was a handy-dandy small Samsung camera that shot only 720p.

From a very young age Logan Patenaude has always toyed with editing programs trying to replicate special effects seen in movies such as Star Wars or your typical action movie. He would use low-grade video cameras to record himself acting out something to test his post-production skills on. Over the years of creating content Patenaude has gained a vast knowledge of how editing programs work and how cinema is puzzle pieced together through blocks and keyframes.


Watching iconic films has inspired him artistically across the board. Kill Bill, Star Wars & Hacksaw Ridge are great examples of this. In his later years Patenaude has also learned a handful of animation skills to further strengthen his tool kit. Without investing in someone else, he can create his own motion graphics.

Enrolling in a top-tier art school such as Pratt, Logan Patenaude unlocked a few gates in his creative ability. After taking mandatory foundation courses in his freshman year of college, he realized that traditional art such as drawing and painting can cohesively intertwine with his technological knowledge. This would start his interest for the process of traditional to digital. Contributing to both story boarding visuals as well as creating graphics from a simple drawing on a napkin. 

On the side of art, Logan Patenaude also has a passion for Skateboarding as he grew up riding a board for fun and further transpired into his older years as a therapeutic endeavor.